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Responsive Mobile-Friendly Multi-Device Support

Today, websites are viewed on a variety of devices other than desktop computers and large-screen monitors. Today’s websites are being viewed on various devices with various screen sizes, ranging from small-screen mobile devices like phones to mid-sized screens found on tablets and laptops to wide-screen desktop monitors. Nowadays, businesses must have a mobile-friendly website and a responsive website design (RWD). This is a web design approach that makes web pages render well on all screen sizes and resolutions while making certain it has good usability. This is where Ark Web Design comes in making your website show well on all devices.

Easy Editing Capabilities

Do you wish that you could edit website content yourself rather than rely on a web designer or developer to make the smallest changes?  We have a solution for you.

We know one desire that many of our clients have for their new website is the ability to make edits to the content on the site themselves, instead of relying on a web designer to be involved in even the simplest of changes. To give clients access to make these changes, you will likely need to build a website on a CMS (content management system) this will make it easy to edit the website content without needing to understand website code.

We use popular platforms like WordPress with DIVI and several other solutions; when it comes to content management systems, there are a large number of options available.

Search Engine Findability and SEO

A website’s findability determines how easy it is to find information, both from outside (using search engines) and by users already on it.

The best website in the world is useless if customers cannot find it when they are looking for your company’s services or products. It is very important for businesses that their website is search engine friendly.

SEO (search engine optimization) best practices are always changing but a few constants exist, including:

  • Creating a website with standards-compliant code is the first step.
  • Search engines like relevant, current, and useful content. You can improve your content to make it more search engine friendly with a redesign project.

Few website design professionals are also SEO specialists, but a quality website redesign can provide these search engine benefits to any project. We do offer SEO services with our Content Management Services.

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Content Migration and Design Updates

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